4way long beam export wooden pallet

Rp. 110,000
Last Updated
20 Mar 2024
Minimum Order
100 Pieces

PT. Rafansa Prima Usaha is your trusted logistics partner for efficient distribution and export solutions for goods. We are proud to present the 4 Way Long Beam Export Wooden Pallet, an innovative product designed to increase safety and efficiency in your logistics supply chain.

Product Specifications:

  • Pallet Type: 4 Way Long Beam
  • Raw Materials: Various types of wood, including hardwood or mixed wood
  • Material Customization: Provide various types of wood according to customer requests
  • Quality Standards: Export and local standards
  • Size Customization: Accept custom orders according to your desired needs


4 Way Long Beam Export Wooden Pallet from PT. Rafansa Prima Usaha has the main function of supporting the smooth and safe distribution of your goods, involving:

  • 4 Way Design: With a 4 Way design, this pallet provides maximum stability and allows access from all directions, increasing efficiency in moving and storing goods.
  • Durability and Strength: Made with a variety of high-quality woods to provide optimal durability and strength during travel and storage.
  • Customization: Allows customization according to the type of wood desired and the size required by the customer.

Product excellence:

  • Various Types of Quality Wood: Provides various types of wood, including hardwood or mixed woods, to meet customer needs and preferences.
  • 4 Way Design: Provides maximum stability and flexibility of access from all directions, increasing the efficiency of logistics processes.
  • Customization on Request: Can be customized to the type of wood and size desired by the customer.
  • Export and Local Standards: Meets export and local standards, guaranteeing high quality and compliance with international regulations.
  • Efficient Logistics Solutions: Designed to increase the efficiency of distribution and export of goods, helping to increase productivity and safety.

Contact us immediately to get more information and order the best 4 Way Long Beam Export Wooden Pallets for your business logistics needs.

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