CV. Rafansa

Robot Arm

Selling Robot ArmWe, CV. Ravansa sells industrial robot arms at low prices with the best quality. The robot arm is shaped like a human arm that functions to help human work as in the industrial world, is used as a heavy-duty item, with accurate speed & accuracy, with controls that can be either automatic or manually. This robot arm consists of shoulders, joints and hands that can be in the form of a gripper or a hand that has fingers similar to human hands as object takers. The robot hand part called the hand manipulator is a motion system whose function is to hold, pick up, lift, move or process objects. To take objects, this tool has been equipped with a gripper (holder) in the form of fingers as well as human fingers. This tool is designed to follow the motion in accordance with the movements made by human arm movements. We, CV. Rafansa sells robotic arms that not only move quickly and at a consistent speed, but are also able to function outside working hours to meet production deadlines.
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