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08 Jan 2020
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Welcome to the official CV Rafansa website where we sell plastic pallet. We produce cheap Plastic Pallets with proven quality and quality. Receive orders for making pallets with international standards on demand. With selected plastic materials and a smooth pallet surface. It is suitable for various purposes such as for furniture, furniture making, tables, to export and importers, etc.
Plastic pallets are generally made from new HDPE or recycled PET (beverage bottles). They are usually very durable, withstand hundreds of trips and even more resistant to weathering, decay, chemicals and corrosion. The use of plastic pallets on wooden pallets. Now in this CV Rafansa provides Plastic Pallets at low prices and quality. Even though the price is cheap, the pallet at CV Rafansa does not reduce the quality of the pallet product.
Among the advantages of plastic pallets are easy to clean, resistant to odor, flame retardant, longer usage life, better product durability and protection, non-flake, and lighter weight, thus saving transportation and labor costs and making them safer and more environmentally friendly. Although this Plastic pallet is superior, CV Rafansa offers a cheaper price than other manufacturers. The use value of plastic pallets is 10 times more efficient than wood pallets, this is because of their durability and capacity. We provide cheap plastic pallet with various types and various sizes. Contact us for information on testing / testing or ordering.
We are an original manufacturer of plastic pallet. We also always give priority to the quality and quality of both plastic materials so that the quality of the pallet palstic remains hardiness and durable, especially for export and import purposes. We also work with a number of plastic pallet manufacturers in several areas, especially Java, to meet the needs of several pallet companies that routinely take plastic pallet products from us every month. So we can always provide plastic pallet stock on request.

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