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24 Jun 2020
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Specification of Wood Pallet Various Size

Welcome to the official website of Surabaya wooden pallet sales. We produce Meranti Wood Pallets that have been tested for quality and quality. Receive orders for making pallets with international standards on demand. CV. RAFANSA sells wooden pallets with materials from meranti wood in various sizes to suit your company's needs. However, right now to get the wood is not easy, it needs a good and wide relation. Amid the difficulty of getting meranti wood as your company's needs, CV. RAFANSA is able to realize your desires. With special touches from the experts, we create reliable wooden pallets to your liking.

Pallet is a place to place goods with the aim of facilitating storage, calculation, and transportation. The main material of a pallet is usually made of wood or plastic. Pallet is designed with various sizes according to needs. Wooden pallet is one of the choices used by industrial companies as a carrier of good commodities.

Our CV. RAFANSA is an original wood pallet manufacturer in Surabaya. We also always give priority to the quality and quality of wood both in the dry season and the rainy season so that the quality of wood remains hardiness and durable, especially for the purposes of export and import. We also work with several wood pallet manufacturers in several areas, especially Java, to meet the needs of several pallet companies that routinely take wood pallet products from us every month. So we can always provide wood pallet stock on request

On the CV. RAFANSA you can get Meranti Wood Pallet at the lowest price and with the best quality goods in Surabaya. Price is usually influenced by the quality, type, and warranty provided. To get the most complete price list you can directly contact us by sending a purchase request in accordance with what you need. Then we will provide detailed information according to your purchase request.

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