CV. Rafansa

Rimba Wood Pallet

Selling Hard Wood Jungle Pallet

CV. Rafansa, a wood pallet manufacturer, sells hard wood jungle pallets in various shapes and sizes according to needs. We sell hard wood jungle pallets which have been standardized according to the set. Hard wood jungle pallets can be used as a place to place large amounts of goods with the aim of facilitating storage, calculation, and transportation. The main material of hard wood jungle pallet is hard wood such as mixed jungle wood, mahogany, meranti wood etc.

Selling Complete Hard Wood Jungle Pallet

CV. Rafansa, a supplier of wood pallets, sells hard wood jungle pallets that can be designed in various sizes to suit your needs. Selling hard wood jungle pallet suitable for use in shops, warehousing, asbestos board industry, furniture industry, and other industries. We are supported by professionals and equipped by modern machines in the production process so that in making hard wood jungle pallets can provide quality assurance on each product.

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